What is a genuine variation to contract? The picture above is...

What is a genuine variation to contract?

The picture above is a great example, experienced renovators should be able to include the majority, if not all of works required to complete a project in their initial scope of works that should be included in the proposal they provide to a potential client during the initial design and pricing stage.

The picture above is what was found hidden underneath a bath at one of our current projects - what you see here is the result of some very lazy concretors that were pouring a bathroom slab on what was most likely a Friday afternoon in the 1970’s..

Instead of carrying the extra concrete back out of the home for disposal and finish the slab properly they chose to “hide” the excess under the bath..

So 50 years later when it’s time to turn this bath space into a large shower we have quite a problem..

It took 2 experienced team members with low impact jack hammers over 3 hours to chisel the slab back to a flat surface suitable for our needs.. low impact hammers although slow need to be used in a special way to reduce any risk of cracking the suspended slab and causing a much more significant problem with a major cost involved to fix.

Definitely not an enjoyable job and a problem that could not be identified until the project is well on the way.

In 99.9% of cases the slab or substrate should continue under the Bath - the Bath is then installed on a sand and cement mix with a brick base.. Never concrete!

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