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Add a Bathroom/Convert a Bedroom Sydney Bathroom


Quite often, due to changes in family circumstances, the need for another bathroom or ensuite arises. Growing families in need of second bathrooms, or the practical benefits of moving a bathroom into a larger space, are just two examples.

At Sydney Bathroom Co. we have built bathrooms in hallways, under staircases and even in an old sandstone cellar! We have split bathrooms to create two smaller ones, installed bathrooms for granny flats and of course converted bedrooms into beautiful dream bathroom spaces. We are also experienced in bathroom additions in older heritage properties where a lot of thought must be given to the surrounding architecture, design and details. The key to a successful bathroom or ensuite addition in these properties is to achieve a seamless installation that gives the impression the bathroom has been there all along.

The nuances around these kinds of projects mean they can be more complicated than a general renovation. Our breadth and depth of experience ensures that we have the expertise to build your bathroom and arrange compliance for a hassle free experience. When it comes to adding a bathroom to your home we are the experts.


Get your project off to the best start by discussing your needs in detail with a personalised consultation. We pride ourselves on our personal, client focused approach and this begins with a no-obligation consultation where you can expect the following:

  • Discuss exactly what you need.
  • Explore your budget and advise what you can expect from your money.
  • Get an idea of your timeline expectations and availability.
  • Discuss any ideas you have and how they fit with your budget.
  • Formulate a plan to move forward.

    Whether you want an award winning bathroom or a simple ensuite addition, our team of designers and renovators will provide exactly what you require.


    One of the main areas where asbestos can be found is in the bathroom. Our team of experts will ensure that asbestos is located and removed with precision and the safety of your family as paramount.


    Working with Sydney Bathroom Co. guarantees that you will receive a level of personal and specialist service that ensures a seamless transition from old to new.

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Providing an Award winning service, whether you are looking to add a bathroom or renovate, Sydney Bathroom Co. provides the knowledge and craftsmanship to achieve a seamless renovation that will bring your dream bathroom to life. For further information get a free quote today!

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